AlumiSonic Aluminum Guitars are Aluminum and Wood Hybrid Guitars designed to produce a simultaneous array of rich, low and crystal-clear high tones that no other electric guitars can naturally achieve. As a result of many years devoted to researching the perfect aluminum alloy types and thicknesses for our guitar bodies, we have been able to produce aluminum electric guitars with a greater spectrum of harmonic frequencies (low and high) than their traditional wood predecessors, while still maintaining a pure classic sound.

AlumiSonic is a custom shop that offers a variety of choices to our customers for their own custom configurations. Options include tone woods built into the Aluminum body, custom neck and hardware selections, as well as electronic options that range from standard guitar pickups to Piezo and MIDI. Please visit our Guitar product pages as well as our Custom page and contact us to discuss your preferences.

Dedicated to perfection, AlumiSonic will continue its main mission, to be the finest custom aluminum guitar manufacturer in the world.

Product Photography by: Michael Wiley

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